Not Only Pokemon, Game Freak Records “Little Town Hero”: Final Title of the New Jrpg?

Little Town Hero

Game Freak is known to the general public as the creator of the videogame universe dedicated to Pokemon: the creatures are not the only protagonists of the software house activities.

During a Nintendo Direct broadcast on September 2018, the team had shown a world preview of the first trailer for Town, the new Game Freak IP. However, at the time of the reveal, the software house did not offer many details about the project, whose presentation movie, however, offered the opportunity to take a first look at graphic style, characters, and settings. Not many updates have come to the JRPG: a new image of Town, dedicated to the game’s combat system, was shared by the team during May this year.

Now, however, an interesting piece of information emerges: Game Freak has in fact recently recorded the videogame brand ” Little Town Hero“. This sighting has prompted part of the videoluica community to wonder if this cannot be the definitive title of Town. Now, unfortunately, Game Freak, also engaged with Pokemon Spada and Pokemon Scudo, has not offered new information on this new project of its own. The publication of “Town” on Nintendo Switch, however, is expected for 2019: are you curious to find out more details about the JRPG?