PS5: Performance Similar to That of an Rtx 2080 According to a Leak

PS5 Games: From GTA 6 to God of War 2, Rumor, Leak and Expectations

We once again talk about PlayStation 5 and its possible computing power, the protagonist of a very interesting post published on Twitter by a rather reliable insider.

In fact, according to what is declared by the user Is to Parrot, the power of the next console of the Japanese giant would be about 9.2 TFLOPS and the graphics processor should have a frequency of 2 GHz. To give you an idea of ​​what the performance of the incoming machine could be in all probability next year, you can compare it to an Nvidia-branded video card from last year, namely the GeForce RTX 2080.

Accompanying the insider’s tweet there is also a direct comparison with what is the frequency of the GPUs of the last two generations of Sony consoles, so as to better understand what could be the generational leap we will witness. If “PS5” will indeed have a frequency of 2.000 GHz, PS4 is stopped at 0.911Ghz and PS3 at 0.800Ghz. In short, if all this were true it would be a significant improvement.

This is obviously information to be taken with pliers and to find out the final details of the console it will be necessary to await the official announcement by Sony. The only certainty we have at the moment is the presence of a handsome SSD in PS5 that will make the loads extremely fast.

According to some rumors, next February 2020, there may be a PlayStation Meeting featuring PS5 and Ghost of Tsushima.