Silent Hill: Konami Has Registered the Videogame Brand in Canada

Silent Hill

Many gamers dream of a return to the scene of the Silent Hill videogame saga, absent from the market for quite a long time now.

Konami, however, does not seem to have completely lost interest in the IP: just recently the attentive ResetEra community reported an interesting sighting. The software company has registered in Canada the “Silent Hills” brand in July 2019. In the Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s database, the document refers to “Video games” and “Computer Games”. Although welcomed by the community as a potentially positive sign, it should be remembered that the recording of a known gaming brand does not automatically lead to the intention of the software house to dedicate itself to the publication of a new episode.

The publication of the last chapter of the series, Silent Hill: Downpour, dates back to the distant 2012: since then, the saga has not accepted new productions within it. Among the attempts to revive the survival horror series are the works conducted by Hideo Kojima. In fact, during 2014, Konami presented a new product to the public, showing the first PT teaser trailer. The project even involved the actor Norman Reedus, now known for his presence in Death Stranding. However, the development was subsequently interrupted and, just recently, the fifth anniversary of the PT presentation was recalled.

What do you think, would you like to see Silent Hill return?