State of Decay 2: The Microsoft Exclusive With 5 Million Players

State Of Decay 2

Published on May 2018, State of Decay 2 proved to be a success for Microsoft. The title developed by Undead Labs (in the meantime become in effect the first party studio of the Redmond house) has now reached 5 million players, as revealed by the senior designer Quin Richards during a recent interview.

Having reached 1 million users already in its debut week, State of Decay 2 has shown progressive growth over the months to reach the figure of 4 million players at the end of 2018. The new record certainly obtained thanks to the contribution of Xbox Game Pass, however, does not seem to have satiated the development team, which Polygon microphones have declared willing to ” continue to grow ” and further enrich the package of the content of the zombie game.

With the latest DLC Heartland, State of Decay 2 has led users to visit a setting already present in the first chapter and proposed a much more story-driven experience compared to the characteristics of the basic game. Undead Labs stated that it had created additional content of this type after having listened to user feedback, obviously interested in investigating the narrative side of the game in greater depth.

As for future expansions – adds Richards – we think of “a mix between Heartland and State of Decay 2 base, with both narrative and procedural elements”. Judging by the efforts made by the developers with this second chapter, it seems that the arrival of State of Decay 3 is still a long way away, even though it is already in the plans of Undead Labs and Microsoft.