Take-Two Comments PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: Extreme Photorealism and Greater Creativity

Take-Two Comments PS5 and Xbox Scarlett:

Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett have not yet officially revealed to the public, but both Sony and Microsoft have not hesitated to present at least the first technical details.

The next-gen inevitably attracts a lot of curiosity, prompting to wonder what will be the news that the two new flagship consoles will be able to bring with them to the videogame industry. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, recently spoke on the subject during an interview with CNBC. The latter spent positive words on the next-gen, emphasizing above all what will be the achievable results in terms of photorealism.

In particular, Strauss said: “We have a new generation of consoles coming, and that will allow us to do things that we have not been able to do creatively before, and this is exciting. […] we will reach a point where you will not be able to distinguish between what was created on the computer and what is real “. A commitment therefore towards a new level of research of photorealism, thanks to the means offered by the future Playstation and Xbox. Obviously, not all the games produced by Take-Two will be affected by this last aspect: Strauss has, for example, highlighted how the Borderlands IP is destined to maintain its own graphic style.

We still haven’t had a chance to see the new consoles, but a recent rumor points to a PS5 revelation during February 2020. On the Microsoft side, Phil Spencer recently discussed what will be the main focuses for Project Scarlett.