The First Information Emerges on Need for Speed ​​Heat


There is ferment in the air for speed lovers. We know that the new Need for Speed ​​will be presented at Gamescom in Cologne and that according to the latest rumors it will be called Need for Speed ​​Heat. Other alleged information on the title has now been leaked on Reddit.

According to reports, the release is confirmed for 2019, and the game will have an open-world structure with darker and more serious tones. Apparently the developers are going to use this chapter as a basis for all the upcoming titles in the saga, and the good news is that it won’t require the ever-active internet connection.

As for the graphics and mechanics, it should be a game very similar to Need for Speed, of 2015, and so if it were, the graphic engine used will be the Frostbite. Among other innovations, the presence of rain, the return of the damage bar (there will be again the filling stations were to repair the cars) and the female protagonist.

Finally, the presence of the police should be confirmed, complete with cars, helicopters and so on, for chases that are expected to be breathtaking, and the game will take place in full at night, so there is no alternation between day and night.

What do you think of this first information, if it should be confirmed? What do you expect from this new Need for Speed?