The Yokohama Pokemon Go Fest 2019 Rewards Are Available


Starting today and until August 20th, Pokemon GO coaches can take advantage of the bonuses and rewards of the latest global event in Yokohama, following which it was possible to capture chromatic Poliwag.

As promised by the developer, Niantic Labs has made all the promised rewards for the last global event hosted in Yokohama available in Pokemon GO. From today until 22:00 Italian Tuesday, August 20, coaches will enjoy the following bonuses:

  • Triple stardust for each catch
  • Triple stardust hatching for every single egg
  • A guaranteed gain of 3,000 stardust for every Raid won
  • Each used Star Piece will last one hour

The rewards in question will be available to all Pokemon GO coaches. To obtain them, therefore, it will be sufficient to log-in to Pokemon GO and play, with the possibility of accumulating a large amount of stardust by capturing the Pokemon, hatching the eggs and completing the Raids.

Speaking of the upcoming events scheduled for the game, let’s remember that Niantic Labs announced the September community day, starring Turtwig. At 16:00 (GMT +2) on Saturday 17 August, however, it will be possible to capture Suicune chromatic facing the Raid of the famous legendary dog.