Vip and eSport: Kevin Garnett, Former NBA Star, Invests in Competitive Gaming

Kevin Garnett, Former NBA Star,

Kevin Garnett is just the latest name in the sport of Stars and Stripes to join the group of VIPs interested in investing in eSport.

As we know, several NBA players like Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Shaquille O’Neal, and Rick Fox are already heavily involved either personally or through investment companies.

Garnett’s involvement in Triumph Esports was formalized through Big Tickets Sports LLC, his event management and production company that organizes the touring sports tournaments Hoop-It-Up (dedicated to basketball) and Kick It (for football).

Triumph Esports, to our knowledge, is a “service company ” that includes Rivalcade (a company that organizes live export events) and Triumph Gaming (a team of professionals active in the US Overwatch Open Division) in its portfolio.

Garnett said: ” Our vision is to create unique experiences that affect our fans through a variety of common passions “.

In theory, Rivalcade, in accordance with the new agreement, will be joined to the Hoop-It-Up event to ensure that the export joins the traditional sport, to make it known to all. Scott O’Leary, the founder of Rivalcade and CEO of Triumph Esports, said: ” We are excited to work with Hoop-It-Up to merge basketball, music, export … during their events. We look forward to working together to engage our fans and players in new and creative ways “.