Volition: A New Chapter of Saints Row Is in Full Development Phase

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During the last financial conference, THQ Nordic announced that Volition is working on a new chapter in the main series of Saints Row. We haven’t seen one since the time of Saints Row 4, released in 2013.

“Volition is working on a new chapter in Saints Row. The game is in full development, and it looks like the first new interaction of the main series since the time of Saints Row 4” declares THQ Nordic, without adding further details.

According to the words of the publisher, therefore, the Volition team is concentrating all its efforts on developing a new chapter of Saints Row. In this case, contrary to what has been seen in recent years with the arrival of spin-offs like Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, it would be in effect a new chapter belonging to the main series, with production values ​​of some importance.

Since THQ Nordic has neither expressed itself on the launch window nor on the target platforms, we wonder if the new chapter of Saints Row does not end up arriving on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, maybe even riding with the next gen.