Xbox Scarlett and xCloud: Game Streaming Will Spread in Many Years, According to Spencer

Project Scarlett Will Be the Last Microsoft Console? Phil Spencer's Answer

The boss of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer, has discussed with GameSpot of Xbox Scarlett and the potential changes that will take place in the videogame industry in the function of the advent of the game streaming and the opening of services like Project xCloud or Google Stadia.

In offering his vision of the next-gen and the future of video games, Spencer stated that “I think game streaming is still far from being established as a traditional way in which people play. And when I say far away, I mean many years”.

To clarify the point, the head of the Xbox division gives the example of one of the most popular online movie and TV series streaming services: “Let’s take Netflix, which is 20 years old. I think sometimes we forget this aspect because technology moves so fast, Netflix took two decades to become mass, has shows like House of Cards or The Throne of Swords that are among the biggest shows on the planet and is mainly used in streaming. game streaming will be affirmed much faster, it won’t take 20 years but it won’t be only two years. This is a technological change, it doesn’t happen overnight. 

To want to pay attention to Phil Spencer, therefore, it will take some time for these services in-game streaming to know how to evolve to the point of becoming an industry standard and to attract the masses of players. Although it is still a long time before the beginning of the era of streaming video games, Spencer is keen to stress that with Project xCloud “We are building this infrastructure with a long-term perspective, but that’s why the choice is so critical. I’m not trying to tell you to sell your consoles today and switch to streaming because the experience offered isn’t the same. I rather think that, in the current state of affairs, game streaming is needed for the democratization of the game and content, it is important not to block all these experiences behind the purchase of a certain device”. And you, what do you think of the words of the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division? Let us know with a comment.