Borderlands 3 Will Not Be the Last Chapter of the Series

Borderlands 3 gameplay videos

When there is now less than a month left to release the game and the new Borderlands 3 trailer released yesterday has further raised the hype of everyone against the Gearbox title, new interesting statements arrive from its authors.

Specifically, we are talking about Sam Winker and Danny Homan, the main writers of the history of Borderlands 3, who revealed that the upcoming chapter may not be the last episode of the franchise that we will see.

“He is certainly a successor to all the games in the saga. He will reveal some things, open others, but surely it will not be the end of Borderlands in any way,” Winker said in a recent interview, and Homan echoed it with a rather unambiguous “There is always room for other stories in Borderlands”.

Speaking of history in general, Winker added that once the third chapter is completed, players will see them as a whole saga divided into several parts, which also connects all the “contour” stories. The author did not want to unbutton any new ideas for the future of the series but simply stated that he was very happy with how Borderlands ended 3.

In the meantime, all we have to do is wait for September 13th, the day of our release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.