Bully 2: Transpires the First Image of the Rockstar Game for ps5 and Xbox Scarlett?

Bully 2

After the one concerning Grand Theft Auto VI, a new alleged leak emerges online that suggests the imminent arrival of a sequel to Bully, known by the Italian players with the title of Canis Canem Edit.

Spread from the YouTuber TheNathanNS and also reported on the ResetEra forum, the leak shows what could be the first in-game image of the follow-up to the Rockstar Games title that, if it actually materialized, would probably also arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett during the next-gen. Specifically, as you can see at the bottom of the news, the shot depicts a portion of the game map, as well as some elements present in the pause menu.

While the leak appears to be quite suspicious, it must be emphasized that Red Dead Redemption 2 itself underwent similar treatment when it was revealed in advance by some images showing the game map. In any case, we can only recommend that you take the news with due caution while waiting for Rockstar Games to express itself officially about Bully’s future.

In recent days it was YouTuber SWEGTA, deemed reliable by the gaming community, to reveal other alleged details about the game. Apparently, Rockstar would be willing to launch the title at the end of 2020 on both current-generation platforms and PS5 and Scarlett. Who knows, the huge amount of rumor and speculation about the game won’t soon lead us to an official reveal of Bully 2.