Doom Eternal Goes Wild in the New Battlemode Trailer

Doom Eternal Will Receive Two Single-Player Expansions After Launch

The publisher Bethesda Softworks and the developer iD Software are back to show us in action the extreme and very violent Doom Eternal, a new imminent chapter of the historic first-person shooter series.

The trailer, which as usual we brought you back to the top of the news, delves into all its aspects the Battlemode, one of the modes included in the multiplayer section of the shooter.

“Battlemode is Doom Eternal’s newest two-on-one multiplayer mode. Developed internally at id Software, Battlemode offers all the fast, frantic and ferocious battles that characterize Doom’s single-player. Fight in six unique arenas with five playable demons: all the future playable maps and the demons will be free.

Play as a Doom Slayer or a team of two demons controlled by the player. the goal of the Slayer and demons could be the same – destroy others – but their styles of play they are completely different. Which faction will reign victorious? “

Leaving you to watch the trailer, we remind you that Doom Eternal will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 22, 2019. This new chapter will implement a Doom Slayer Hub for the first time in the series.