Dualshock 4: Rose Gold, Titanium Blue, Electric Purple and Red Camouflage Are Coming

Dualshock 4

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that the DualShock 4 will receive four new colors coming this fall. The colors in question are Rose Gold, Titanium Blue, Electric Purple, and Red Camouflage: let’s take a look first.

The announcement arrived on the official American PlayStation Blog, where Sony presented the four new DualShock 4 colors coming this fall.

As you can see in the trailer at the top of the news and in the image at the bottom of the page, the four colors in question are the following: Rose Gold, Titanium Blue, Electric Purple, and Red Camouflage.

PS4 players, therefore, will have four other options available to customize the style of their DualShock 4. At the moment, Sony Interactive Entertainment has not provided any details on the prices of these new colors, merely stating that the controllers will arrive on the market during the autumn of 2019.

Furthermore, starting from November, it will also be possible to purchase the Gold Wireless Headset – Rose Gold Edition, which is a gold-pink version of the official wireless headset. You can have a look at it in the video below.

So, waiting for new details on prices and the launch date of the four Rose Gold, Titanium Blue, Electric Purple and Red Camouflage colors of the DualShock 4, therefore, we leave you with the vision of the new trailer reported at the top of the news.

Among these four, which is the new color you like most? Do you plan to buy at least one? Please let us know in the comment box.

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