For Many Players the PS4 Cloud Save Limit Is Too Low

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PlayStation 4 and PSN, in general, have certainly not been without problems over time, but Sony has always managed to fix and remedy most of the critical points highlighted by fans. One in particular, however, seems to have remained, and several players continue to complain about it.

We are talking about cloud saving, which has rather bizarre limitations, to be honest. While Sony in fact declares a limit of 100 GB, which on paper would be enough to cram a practically infinite amount of savegame, there is another limitation that foresees the presence of a maximum of 1000 rescues, which of course will be achieved much before arriving at the threshold of 100 GB.

And if it is true that 1000 bailouts are still many, and above all if you do not have a rather large library of games, it is difficult to resent the problem, it must also be said that there are also several titles, such as The Witcher 3 or Skyrim, for which the players also make dozens of savegames, to recover a certain point in history, for example. Other video games instead provide many slots for autosave. In short, it is not even so difficult to reach the limit.

Some complaints have therefore come via Twitter to Sony, which at the moment has not commented. What do you think? Do you believe it is a problem to deal with or doesn’t it make much difference to you?