Fortnite 10: How to Complete All Missions Worlds Collide of Week 3


The Week 3 of Season X of Fortnite Battle Royale has just begun and it’s time to jump into the fray to complete all weekly and get exclusive rewards missions.

Here are all the details on how to complete the standard version and the prestige of this week’s challenges:

Missions The Worlds Collide

Use a Slit (0/1)

This is an extremely simple mission since you will only need to use a portal to complete it. To make everything easier, take a look at the location of Fortnite Cracks.

Visit a Slit Zone (0/1)

To complete this challenge, all you have to do is visit one of the fissure zones. If you don’t know how to find them, we invite you to read our guide on Fortnite Slit Zone locations.

Inflict damage on opponents in a Viking Village on a mountain top or Sacking Shores (0/200)

Nothing could be simpler to do, land in the Viking village or the Shores of Sacking, collect a weapon as quickly as possible and attack the enemies. We advise you to complete the challenge as soon as possible, as many players will land in one of these two places to complete the mission.

Visit a Memorial to a Cube in the desert or near a lake (0/1)

The Memorials are small stone statues located at two different points on the map. If you have difficulty finding them, you can find all the details on the Kevin Cube Memorials position on our pages.

Eliminate opponents in the desert (0/3)

To complete this challenge, all you have to do is go to the desert area of ​​the map (the bottom right) and eliminate three different opponents, even in different games. You could take advantage of the Team Squeeze mode in case you have difficulty, hoping that the circle will close right in this section of the map so as to simplify your work.

Search for Forzieri at the Banks of Sacking (0/3)

Land at Landing Shores, the area with the huge luminous sphere, and immediately go in search of chests. Here too you could take advantage of the Team Brawl and visit the area when it is on your half map, so as to act undisturbed.

Eat mushrooms collected (0/10)

You will have to collect mushrooms around the map to recover the shield. If you want to go without fail, the area enclosed by Snob Beaches, Parco Pacifico and Montagnole Maledette is chock full of mushrooms, so go there and eat them all.

Missions The Worlds Collide Prestige

Use Slits (0/4)

Same thing as before, but this time you will have to use a total of four slits in different games too.

Search for Coffers in Slit Zones (0/5)

Land in a Slit Zone as a Pinnacle City or a Commerce Course and head for the Forzieri. Even in this case, there is no need to complete the challenge in one game, so take your time.

Eliminate opponents in the Village of the Vikings at the top of a mountain or at Sacking Shores (0/3)

This is a challenge very similar to the standard one, but this time it will not be enough to inflict damage on the opponents. Land in one of the two areas, get yourself a weapon and do your best to eliminate the enemies. You shouldn’t have too many problems since both areas are very populated due to the challenge.

Visit the Memorials at a Cube in the desert and near a lake (0/2)

In this case, you will always have to visit the Memorials at the Cube Kevin but, unlike the previous mission, you will have to go to both places and not just one.

Eliminate opponents in Palmeto Paradisiaco or Lande Letali (0/4)

Just like in the challenge that asks you to eliminate enemies at the Viking Village or Landing Shores, you will have to go to Palmeto Paradisiaco or Lali Letali and kill 4 enemies (not in a single game). If you have difficulty, even in this case you can use the Team Brawl and hope that the circle will close in one of these areas of the map.

Search for Forceseri in Landing or Adventurous Landing (0/7)

Once again you will have to go in search of chests in an area chosen between the Landing Shores and the Adventurous Landing. The best way to complete it is the Team Brawl, where you can land at Adventurous Landing and collect chests without too much trouble.

Consume Mushrooms in one game (0/5)

Unlike the standard challenge, it requires you to eat five mushrooms in one game. It is a very simple task if you always go to the area enclosed by Snob Beaches, Parco Pacifico and Montagnole Maledette. Collect the necessary mushrooms and you’re done.