Fortnite 10: How to Complete Time Missions Leftovers of Week 3


Also during Week 3 of Fortnite Battle Royal’s Season X came the free-time challenges called The Leftovers. In this guide, we will give you some advice on how to complete them as quickly as possible.

Before starting to offer you our guide, we remind you that the Leftovers missions will be available only during Week 3 of this season and the missions will be unlocked every 24 hours.

Here is the complete list of challenges:

Inflict damage to opponents with explosive weapons (0/250)

To complete this challenge we advise you to start a team squad game, where the clashes are quite chaotic and eliminating or damaging enemies with grenades can be quite simple. You can also take advantage of the supply boxes that will land constantly and inside which you could find proximity launchers.

Heavy Rifle Eliminations (0/5)

Also, in this case, Team Brawl is your friend. Get any Pump Shotgun and sow death and destruction among opponents until the target is reached, which is five different killings.

Eliminate horde members in Trade Course (0/20)

This is another very simple goal that requires you to visit the new Slit Zone: Trade Course. The land there, get yourself a weapon and start eliminating as many monsters as possible. If you do not have any weapons available, you can always take the horde with a pickaxe.

Survive opponents in Couples or Teams (0/150)

The fastest way to complete this challenge is to select the Couples mode with the “do not fill” option in the menu and in this way you will participate in the game without a partner. Land in a central area of ​​the map, hide in a bush and wait for the game to finish or for the Storm to kill you. In a couple of attempts, you should be able to get the goal home.

Use throwing items in different games (0/3)

Even this challenge is extremely simple and requires using a throwing object in three different games. Just throw a grenade, a storm in a bottle or a stinky vial to complete the goal. Repeat it in three games and you will have completed the mission.

Visit to the Palmetto Paradisiaco and Approdo Ventured in the same game (0/2)

The fastest way to complete this challenge is group assistance. Activate the assistance for the challenge, ask a friend to help you and arrange at the landing site. It will suffice that one goes to Palmeto Paradisiaco and one to Approdo Avventurato to complete the challenge in a few seconds.

Search Forzieri in Borgo Bislacco or Pari Polari (0/7)

The best way to quickly complete the challenge is to start a Team Brawl game and land at Polar Tracks, a place rarely visited by Fortnite players. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding all the chests.