Fortnite 10: Position of the Secret Star of Week 3


As you well know by now, in the last hours the Secret Stars of Fortnite Battle Royale have been unlocked and it is now possible to collect those of the first two weeks of Season 10. The third week began today and, consequently, a new map appeared on the map. opportunity to get a free Pass level.

The location of the new secret star is hidden as usual in the new weekly mission loading screen. You can see the clue on the bumper of the screen with the armed versions of the teeth of Durr Burger and Tomato Head. To find the star of this week, all you have to do is reach the desert area of ​​the map, to be precise the cafeteria located to the west of the circuit. If you have unlocked the loading screen, the Secret Star will appear on a counter inside the room, to the right of the smoothie machine.

If you have difficulty finding the location of the diner you can always take a look at our map at the bottom of the guide, where the place of interest is indicated.