Fortnite: A New Leak Reveals the Junk Rift, a Very Special Gadget

Fortnite update

Only a few hours have passed since the publication of the update to the 10.10 version of Fortnite Battaglia Reale, which has not introduced new weapons or accessories but has limited itself to modifying the area of ​​Grandi Megazzini, now populated by zombies.

It seems however that Epic Games does not want to stop with new game objects and, hidden among the new files, the data miners have found the Junk Rift. This is a strange gadget that, according to rumors, could have a function very similar to the aerial attack, so much so that it could be defined as a review of the accessory seen last season. They observe the secret screen of Week 3, just appeared online, it seems that the player can launch the Junk Rift like a grenade and then drop objects from a portal that will open in the sky. It should be noted that these are just speculations, since the only information found among the game files regards the icon and the name of the object, without any reference to its use.

It’s very likely that the Junk Rift is the protagonist of the update coming next week, so it shouldn’t be long before you can try this gadget.

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