Fortnite: Epic Removes the Gunner Dog, Promised Refunds to Players

Gunner Dog

Dietrofront of Epic Games, which has decided to retrace its steps and remove the Gunner dog from the Fortnite store, after some controversy erupted in the last hours. The new item had arrived in the shop yesterday, but the fans immediately noticed that it was too similar to an old acquaintance.

As shown in the image you find at the bottom of the news, it is in fact a simple new skin for Bonesy, the pet already appeared with the Battle Pass of Fortnite Season 6. Since these are exclusive items for players who buy the Battle Passes with V-Bucks and therefore real money, the decision to make it available for other users has infuriated pass holders.

Hence the decision of Epic to remove the object in question, reimbursing buyers, as stated in the press release issued by the software house: “We should not have released the Pet Gunner, and we apologize for having done so. In the next few days, all its buyers will be reimbursed for the 1000 V-Bucks spent and will receive 200 additional V-Bucks. The Pet will be removed from the inventory. “

All is well that ends well, in short. Were you also one of Gunner’s buyers? What do you think of the decision of Epic Games?