Fortnite the Worlds Collide: How to Reach the Slit Zone

Fortnite 10

Some of the new missions The Worlds Collide from Fortnite Royal Battle, arriving with Week 3 of Season X, ask players to reach several Slit Zones. Let’s find out what these areas of the map are and how to reach them.

When we speak of a Slit Zone we mean one of the new areas of the map covered by a sort of dome and inside which something very strange is happening.

At the moment there are three different Slit Zones in the game, namely:

  • Shores of Sacking, the area with the huge luminous sphere
  • City Pinnacles, the far west theme city in which objects cannot be built or destroyed
  • Corso Commercio, the area that has replaced Grandi Megazzini in which dangerous monsters roam

It is very likely that in the course of the next few weeks other Slit Zones may arrive, but if you intend to complete missions immediately, the Worlds Collide will necessarily have to visit these areas of the map and look for chests inside them.