Fortnite the Worlds Collide: Position of the Cracks on the Map


You are having problems in finding the fissures around the map of Fortnite Battle Royale? No problem, in this guide we will indicate their position so that you can immediately complete the missions of Week 3 of Season 10.

To complete all missions, the Worlds Collide Prestige will have to use 4 different slits, not necessarily in the same game. Scattered across the map are 6 different portals within which you can throw yourself to advance a small step in the mission.

Here is the location of the slits:

  • Banks of Sacking: just enter the sphere in the center of this area to activate the portal
  • Palmetto Paradisiaco: to the north of the city, in correspondence of the curve, there is a carriage with a portal just around
  • North of the frozen area and east of the Village of the Vikings, near the large stone head
  • East of Pacific Park, near the huge head of Durr Burger
  • In the northeast corner of Condotti Confusi
  • On the frozen island south-west of Borgallegro

It should be noted that in some of these areas there may be more portals or there may not be any.