Fortnite the Worlds Collide: Where to Find the Memorials at a Cube

Memorials at a Cube

The challenges of Week 3 of Season 10 of Fortnite Battle Royale have finally arrived and, among these, there are a couple that requires finding small monuments dedicated to the historic Kevin Cube.

Throughout the Fortnite map, you can find exclusively two examples of this cube-shaped stone statue and in this guide, we will indicate their exact position.

The first of these is located south-west of the Sponde of the Sacking sphere, on an islet. Land in this area of ​​the map, reach the monument and you will have completed the first part of the challenge. To find the other Stone Cube instead, you will have to go to the desert area of ​​the map, the one at the bottom right. On the small hill to the north-east of the lake between lethal lands and Palmeto Paradisiaco, you will recognize it from the circle formed by the residues of many small explosions. The stone statue of the Kevin Cube is located right in the center of this circle.

If you have difficulty finding the exact position of the two objects you can always take a look at the image of the map at the bottom of the guide, where we have shown you the places to reach.

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