More Cars, More Challenges and More Customizations: These Are the Ingredients of Need for Speed ​​Heat

Need for Speed ​​Heat

After so many rumors and rumors, Need for Speed ​​Heat, the next incarnation of the automotive series, was finally announced yesterday with a colorful and vintage trailer that gives a nod to the 80s. But what is there to expect from the real title?

In fact, the actual gameplay was not shown in the trailer, so the developers thought to give us a little update on the main ingredients of the game, in the person of Riley Cooper, the Creative Director of Need for Speed ​​Heat.

Cooper said he had listened to the desires of fans, who were asking for some main elements like more cars, more possibilities for customization and more challenges: “We have provided more options than ever for players who want to stand out and be recognized. Our fans are We were clear on the fact that they wanted more cars, more personalization, and more challenges, and we dedicated ourselves to these three aspects: from the style of our character to the performance of our car, we are turning on everyone’s creativity in this new game “.

Will EA be able to keep its promises and bring out a great new chapter of the saga? We’ll find out soon, since the release is scheduled for November 8 on PS4, Xbox One and PC (the contents of Need for Speed ​​Heat Collector’s Edition have also been revealed ). Meanwhile, eyes on Gamescom, where the gameplay of Need for Speed ​​Heat will be revealed.