No Man’s Sky Beyond: The 2.04 Patch Resolves Crashes on ps4 and Xbox One

No Man's Sky Beyond

Hello Games has released the 2.04 patch of No Man’s Sky, an update that aims to solve the bugs and crash problems reported on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after the arrival of the new Beyond update.

Yesterday was published Beyond, the substantial update of No Man’s Sky which added VR mode, numerous new features for the multiplayer component and greater freedom in the creation of the bases.

Unfortunately, the update also introduced some bugs that caused several crashes in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Fortunately, the guys at Hello Games promptly listened to user feedback, posting the new 2.04 patch within a few hours, a corrective update that aims to resolve crash problems reported on PS4 and Xbox One.

As you can read in the 2.04 patch changelogHello Games has solved numerous crashes caused by PS4 and Xbox One by loading large textures and managing memory. Thus, by downloading and installing the 2.04 patch on the console, players should no longer see the annoying bugs that caused the crashes found in the last hours of the game.

Have you ever encountered these problems? Meanwhile, let’s remember that on our pages we talked about all the innovations introduced by No Man’s Sky Beyond.