Pokemon Masters: Record Numbers for Game Pre-Registrations!

Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters, new mobile production dedicated to the creatures born from the fantasy of the Game Freak developers, is now close to publication and seems to have attracted the interest of many players.

As you can verify directly at the bottom of this news, in fact, the official Twitter account of the game has published a twitter to celebrate an important result. The preregistrations of Pokemon Masters have in fact reached five million! The development team, therefore, wanted to thank the videogame community for the support offered to the production, hoping to see all the users of Pasio’s world soon. What do you think, are you waiting for the title? Are you part of the five million pre-registered users of Pokemon Masters?

Please note that in July the release date of Pokemon Masters was officially announced by The Pokemon Company and DeNA Corporation: the game will be available on iOS and Android mobile systems starting August 29 and will support the Italian language. The latter allows you to take a first look at the elements that will characterize this new Pokemon-themed adventure.