Sea of ​​Thieves Receives the Dark Relics Expansion: The New Updates Will Be Monthly

Sea Of ​​Thieves

Dark Relics is the new free update of Sea of ​​Thieves launched by RARE to make the experience of digital buccaneers immersed in the pirate universe of their iconic sandbox adventure even more fun.

The new Sea of ​​Thieves Content Update can be downloaded for free on Windows 10 and Xbox One PCs: with Dark Relics, each player is called upon to face the hordes of skeletons that have managed to get hold of extremely powerful and dangerous artifacts after attacking the Order of Souls.

The update in question thus enriches the Adventure mode and intertwines with the other updates recently published by RARE, above all the mammoth Anniversary expansion launched in mid-May to celebrate the first year of a title’s life which, according to what we are told by the British developers in the video diary that stands at the beginning of the article, will receive from now on major monthly updates. Therefore, starting from the September update, each new Content Update will be published on the second Wednesday of the month.

The first information on the upcoming updates and on the support program planned by RARE will be shared by the English software house during the Inside Xbox episode by Gamescom 2019 , the event organized by Microsoft to launch the German videogame festival with a special transmission that will be broadcast on the Xbox YouTube channel starting at 17:00 (GMT +2) on Monday 19 August .