The World of Death Stranding: The Snow Shows Itself in the New Shot of Kojima!

Death Stranding

While preparing for the presentation of Death Stranding at Gamescom, Hideo Kojima does not hesitate to share with the public new shots dedicated to Sam Porter Bridges and the game world.

In fact, from the official Twitter account of the videogame author, we get a snapshot dedicated to the protagonist of Death Stranding, played by the famous actor Norman Reedus. The setting that is proposed for the shot is interesting: Sam Porter Bridges is in fact immersed in a snowy landscape, evidently characterized by an extremely rigid climate. Kojima himself stresses this: in support of the image, he writes in the twittering that “It is the height of summer, but here it is very cold”. You can find the Tweet, with its click, directly at the bottom of this news.

The recent review of settings offered by the shots shared by Hideo Kojima is thus enriched. Over the last few days, the author’s Twitter account has in fact offered various insights into the development of the game, with images depicting Sam on the banks of a river or framing different environments of Death Stranding. What do you expect from the game world in terms of settings, where do you think your travels will take you in the company of Sam Porter Bridges?

In closing, we remind you that the appointment with the Gamescom 2019 opening show is scheduled for Monday 19 August.