Will Microsoft Announce the Purchase of a New Study at Gamescom?

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The Xbox Game Studios have grown considerably in recent times, as Microsoft has both founded new studios and welcomed some talented teams under its wing, such as Obsidian, Ninja Theory, Double Fine and many others.

And in the future, there may also be new acquisitions, and we mean in a nearer future than what we might think, as some clues would suggest. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, had recently stated that he wanted to acquire a Japanese developer, for example, and with the Gamescom around the corner, the Cologne event could be the right occasion to announce their move.

The Klobrille insider also talked about it, with a tweet in which he writes: “I have good reasons to believe that there will be at least one new study acquired by Xbox Game Studios in 2019”. In short, Klobrille was a bit more cautious, with the end of the current year as the deadline. We’ll see.

What do you think? Does Microsoft really have any tricks up its sleeve for Gamescom? Which study could be treated? Meanwhile, Microsoft itself has unveiled the lineup of the event that will see it starring at Gamescom. We’ll talk about it on our website along with all the latest news on the important Cologne event.