Anthem: Chief Producer Ben Irving Leaves Bioware After Eight Years


There seems to be no end to the problems afflicting Anthem. Through a long open letter published on Twitter, the head producer of the controversial kolossal sci-fi of Electronic Arts, Ben Irving, decides to change his career and leave BioWare after eight years of collaboration.

In the long years of militancy in the ranks of the Canadian software house, Irving has held various managerial positions, the most important of which are certainly those represented by the lead of Lead Developer Director of The Old Republic’s roleplaying franchise connected to the IP of Star Wars.

His commitment as Anthem’s Lead Producer ends after only three months, a period in which he witnessed the “reset” of EA’s North American subsidiary and accompanied Anthem’s new course with Chad Robertson after the passage of executive producer Mark Darrah and most of the authors of BioWare on the Dragon Age project 4.

In his message, Irving recalls the years he spent in the company and confirms his willingness to continue his career in the digital entertainment industry by accepting “an exciting opportunity in another videogame company” not specified.

As for the future of the unfortunate sci-fi action recently entered in its end-game phase of the Cataclysm , the now-former manager of BioWare says he is certain that the title “has a bright future, there is a great team that is working on it and not I look forward to following its progress (and playing with it!) . I really enjoyed interacting with the Anthem community between streams, Twitter and Reddit, both in the most beautiful moments and in the most difficult times. 

In addition to the now-famous case of former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, in the past few days, another great player in the videogame industry has decided to make a change in his career: after 24 years of writing the shooter story with id Software, Tim Willits moved to Saber Interactive.