Borderlands 3: Denuvo DRM Confirmed for the PC Version

Borderlands 3 Will Be The Biggest, Most Ambitious And Fun In The Series, Promises Gearbox

While it is true that on a number of occasions it has proved to be not so efficient and reliable, Denuvo DRM will also be adopted by Gearbox Software for the protection of the PC version of the much-awaited Borderlands 3.

The confirmation of the decision taken by the developers and the publishers 2K Games provides us directly with the official page of the game on Epic Games Store, a platform on which Borderlands 3 will debut exclusively in the PC version.

PC users are notoriously opposed to the use of anti-tamper technologies since, as evidenced also by some analyzes carried out on a variety of titles, they seem to affect the performance of video games in a fairly tangible way. Moreover, on several occasions the Denuvo DRM was punctured in the first week or even in the first hours after the launch of several games, including Devil May Cry 5, Metro Exodus, Resident Evil 2, Far Cry New Dawn, Football Manager 2019, Soul Calibur 6, and others.

We remind readers that Borderlands 3 will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting from 13 September 2019. If after the conclusion of the events of this new chapter you will not be full of Borderlands yet, you will not have to worry: Gearbox intends to continue further the series in the future.