Bungie Admits: The Current Support for Destiny 2 Has Become Unsustainable for the Team


After revealing all the news coming in with the new Shadowkeep expansion, Bungieexpressed his concern about the current state of health of his team involved in supporting Destiny 2.

As reported by the director of the franchise Luke Smith, the morale of the developers has for some time now begun to decline due to the many challenging contents on which Bungie is working to constantly expand his shared-world looter-shooter. The intention of the software house is to change modus operandi to guarantee its members a healthier environment in which to work :

“The magnitude of what we have achieved, the pace at which we published it and the overall commitment to the annual Pass have an impact on the Bungie team. I and many others have had conversations throughout the year with team members – that have continually moved from one release to another – on the effort of working on Destiny –working on the game was starting to wear down people.

Each of the new mechanics – each with its own lessons – was invaluable, but it also put the team within an unsustainable development cycle. We should have developed a more systematic and standardized set of progression mechanisms to keep our teams healthier. We intend to tackle this issue [during year 2 of Destiny 2]”.

Please note that Destiny 2 Shadowkeep will be released on October 1st on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Bungie has confirmed that Eververse objects will not have an impact on gameplay.