Celeste DLC: The New Farewell Chapter Coming Soon for Free


The community of gamers who have been fascinated by what Celeste ‘s development team has done has been waiting for some time for the publication of new content.

Well, it seems that good news is now available: the production by Matt Thorson, warmly received by both the critics of the sector and the public, is in fact preparing to definitively welcome the DLC promised by the development team. To update us on what will be the timing of publication is the official Twitter account of the game, through the twitter that you can find at the bottom of this news. The latter confirms that “Chapter 9: Farewell will come soon! ” According to reports, the developers are in fact completing the final phases of the porting procedures, at the end of which the DLC will be ready for publication! Unfortunately, there is still a precise debut date, but it seems reasonable to assume that Celeste fans will not have to wait long for his announcement.

We take the opportunity to remind you that Celeste’s DLC will be free for all currently available game versions. The content of the latter promises to be full-bodied: it has already been confirmed that Chapter 9 Farewell will include more than 100 levels. Are you anxious to return to immerse yourself in the adventures of young Madeline?