Disintegration: The Sci-Fi FPS of the Halo Co-Creator Is an AA Comparable to Hellblade


After the announcement arrived about a month ago, here we come back to talk about Disintegration, the mysterious Sci-Fi FPS developed by V1 Interactive, software house headed by Marcus Letho, co-creator of Halo Evolved Combat and collaborator for several of the subsequent one’s chapters of the Microsoft franchise.

After confirming the arrival of the first gameplay movie at the Opening Night Live to be held at Gamescom 2019, the development company shared some interesting details about its title with EDGE magazine. According to what is declared, the productive value of Disintegration is halfway between an indie and a blockbuster: in other words, it is an ” AAgame, which the developers themselves have compared to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrificedeveloped by Ninja Theory (although belonging to a completely different genre).

In addition, it has been confirmed that Disintegration will include a single-player campaign whose longevity will average about 12 hours of play, but there will not even be an online multiplayer mode. The latter will not lay its foundation on the concept of “constant progress”, and therefore – though they are difficult to interpret at the moment – it could be assumed that we will not have to deal with a new looter-shooter similar to Destiny.