Epic Games Opens a New Studio Led by the Authors of Turrican

Epic Games

Epic Games intends to continue growing, as demonstrated by the recent opening of a new study. It was announced by the same software house, owner of the Unreal Engine and author of the Fortnite success, which also revealed who will be the leaders of the new base in Germany.

This is Achim Moller and Julian Eggebrecht, respectively former CEO and former President of Factor 5, the studio that gave birth to games like Turrican and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. The two have also worked for very important companies in the sector, such as Nintendo and Sony, but also for Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

According to the announcement, Eggebrecht and Moller joined the Epic Games team as part of the company’s program to focus more on interactive media and streaming technologies. “At the origin of Epic’s success, there are capable and passionate individuals. Germany is a nation far ahead on the technological front and we want to extend our presence there while creating new roles and taking on extraordinary talent,” said Eggebrecht.

The study will be based in Cologne and Epic Games is already hiring new employees to start making it operational.

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