Epic Games Store Is Updated: Cloud Save Enabled and Layout Improved

Epic Games Store

While on the one hand, it continues to grab an ever-increasing number of important exclusives, on the other Epic Games Store continues to suffer from the lack of some features deemed discounted and unavoidable by PC users who have been used to using Steam for years, the well-known marketplace of Valve.

With the new update, Epic Store seeks to catch up by introducing some new features and improvements to improve the platform’s service.

The company headed by Tim Sweeney has confirmed that it has added the possibility of using cloud saving, although it has specified that the functionality is not currently enabled for all the games present in the store:

“We are working with developers of other games to test cloud saves. The upcoming titles that support them, will enable cloud saves at launch!”

Full support for the Humble Bundle is also confirmed: you can link your Epic Games account to your Humble account so that you can buy games directly from Humble without requiring a redemption key. You can enable the functionality by accessing the settings from the Humble Bundle and then connecting to the Epic store.

Finally, here is a renewal of the layout of the video game pages on the store: information, including information on launch windows, is now more intuitively arranged, and also leaves more space for images and videos related to the product. 
We take this opportunity to remind you that Epic Games has announced the next game that you can download for free via its platform.