Epic Store: Ferragosto Games Are Available, the New Free Title Unveiled

Epic Store

As planned, the upper echelons of Epic Games will update the pages of the Epic Store to allow us to download for free the PC versions of the Hyper Light Drifter Metroidvania and the strategic Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden.

Both the excellent action-adventure designed in pixel art by the Heart Machine authors and Funcom’s turn-based strategy ambitious inspired by the iconic XCOM sci-fi saga is available to users of Epic’s digital store: the free download of the two titles can be made starting today, August 15th, until the afternoon of Thursday, August 22nd .

The launch of the new promotional initiative of the US videogame giant is accompanied by the announcement of the next game that we will be able to download for free from August 22nd to 29th, that is the exquisite puzzle platform FEZ.

The main masterpiece of Phil Fish ( as well as the only one, given the controversy triggered by the announcement and the sudden cancellation of the development of FEZ 2) was launched in April 2012 on Xbox 360 and then repeated in the following months and years on the most disparate platforms. At the center of the colorful galaxy of riddles generated by the mind of Polytron’s boss we find Gomez, a brave boy who, experienced in a 2D dimensional plan, will have to face the harsh reality of a three-dimensional universe after coming into contact with a bizarre floating hexagon that it will spur him on a long journey giving him, in fact, the characteristic hat that gives the name to the game.

What do you think of the new free games downloadable from Ferragosto and the title that will be made available to users of the Epic Store starting next week?