Fallout 76 Glitch: A Player Manages to Build a Camp Under the Map!

Fallout 76 Upcoming Changes

From the pages of her official Twitter profile, the passionate of Fallout 76 known as Mrs. P is attracting the attention of the trade press and players of the Bethesda sci-fi blockbuster with her “impossible camp”.

As we can see in the movie made by the author of this unusual videogame experiment, Mrs. P used the technological limitations of the Creation Engine and took advantage of a glitch of the game to overcome the physical boundaries of the post-nuclear map of West Virginia.

In telling his experiment to the authors of Kotaku, the explorer of the mutant lands of Fallout 76 explained that “jumping into the white space under the map is instant death. The field I created is quite large, I left the sellers’ positions on the surface and placed the generators under the ground, to then block the electricity through the ground. It took several days to make the entrance to the underground part of the camp work properly and with my character, I die a couple of times”.

Through this glitch, therefore, the Fallout 76 fan has been able to build a unimpairable encampment from any raider or mutant creature: we do not know, therefore, whether Bethesda will or will not remove this anomalous base and the glitch used to build it, a species in operation of the growing media coverage given to this news by the main videogame portals and forums. In the meantime, we remind you that the Fallout 76 post-launch support program continues with the arrival, among other things, of new content and many balances at Nuclear Winter.