He Played Pokémon Go on 8 Different Devices in the Car, the Police Stopped Him

Pokémon Go on 8 Different Devices

Let’s face it, stories about Pokémon GO are full of the web, since the game, and especially its users, over time have lent themselves to the most unusual oddities. But this happened in the United States is perhaps even more special.

In fact, it seems that the American police, in the state of Washington, noticed during their turn as a patrol car stopped on the side of the road, at a point where they usually don’t stop to park.

The officers on duty, therefore, went to check what was going on, and to ascertain the condition of the driver of the car and discovered that luckily everything was ok. The man at the wheel was “simply” playing Pokémon GO … on eight different devices.

He had even built a sort of polystyrene sheet that contained all eight smartphones, thus being able to control all the games in progress with a single glance. The singular episode ended in a painless way, fortunately. Since the agents didn’t find him playing while driving, they simply told him to leave the device in the back seat to avoid temptation, and they let him go.

All is well that ends well. Hoping that for at least one of the man’s eight games, the game is worth the candle.

Pokémon Go on 8 Different Devices