Metro Exodus: The Writer of the Novels Confirms That He Is Working on the Sequel

Metro Exodus

The author of the Metro novels, Dimitry Glukhovsky, responds to the numerous rumors concerning the sequel of Metro Exodus circulated online these days, confirming, from his Instagram profile, that he is working on the narrative plot of the next chapter of the 4A Games shooter series.

Using his main social media channels, the Russian writer and journalist accompany the image of the Metro Exodus cover with the eloquent acronym TBC (“To Be Continued”) to launch a message stating that “the series of video games taken from Metro will continue. I am working on the story”.

In a question and answer session held on Reddit in 2016, however, Glukhovsky himself stated that he considered the Metro video trilogy (which includes 2033, Last Light and, indeed, Exodus) focused on Artyom as completed. We do not know, therefore, if the reference to “working on history” contained in the Russian author’s message suggests the will, by Dimitry and consequently the developers of 4A Games, to undertake a completely different path.

A hypothetical sequel to Metro Exodus, from this point of view, could, therefore, expand the narrative universe of this important intellectual property with a new main character, a new setting and, why not, a different historical context. More clarification in this regard could be received shortly, given the presence of Metro Exodus in the lineup announced by Microsoft for the special episode of Inside Xbox from Gamescom 2019 which will be broadcast from Cologne starting from 17:00 (GMT +2) on Monday 19 August.