Skyblivion, the Mod That Recreates Oblivion in Skyrim, Shows Itself in a New Trailer


Skyblivion , the ambitious total conversion that recreates Oblivion in Skyrim , is back to show itself with a new trailer that updates us on the status of the jobs achieved by the modders. As you can see in the opening video, the results achieved are remarkable.

Skyblivion has been in development for 7 years by the TES Renewal team , and has seen the collaboration of over 50 people including fans, modders and professional developers. The objective is as ambitious as it is evocative: to recreate the interior world of Oblivion within Skyrim, allowing players to revisit the lands of Cyrodiil with a much greater visual impact than the original The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Over the course of these long 7 years, the modders have been able to achieve ever better results, approaching the long-awaited final result. Compared to the trailer published in 2016 , for example, it is clear that the new video shown in the news shows all the progress achieved by the Skyblivion team.

Although at the moment we do not know a precise launch date for the final version of Skyblivion , the total conversion project lead stated that the work on the map was almost completed. The world of Oblivion, therefore, has been recreated almost entirely in Skyrim, and it won’t be long before the total conversion is published.