Tetris 99: The New Grand Prix Dedicated to Fire Emblem Is Coming: Three Houses


If you are among those who were struck by Tetris 99, the new and very special incarnation of the famous arcade classic, you will surely like the news of the arrival of the next Grand Prix event of the game, in collaboration with another highly appreciated title.

It will indeed be a sort of crossover with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the new chapter of the saga, for which the winners will be given an exclusive theme. The event will start on August 23rd at 9 am (GMT +2), and will be available until the same time as of August 27th.

The mechanics will be quite similar to the previous events, so if you have already participated for example in the recent tournament dedicated to Splatoon, you will already be familiar with its operation: in each round, you earn points based on the position in which you rank. Once you reach 100 points you will get the exclusive reward.

For the moment the tournament has been confirmed only for Europe, but probably the rest of Nintendo’s divisions will soon be joining. What do you think? Will you participate too?