The Dragon Quest Hero Has Already Been Banned From Some Smash Competitive Tournaments

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Despite having only arrived a couple of weeks, the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character, the Dragon Quest Hero, is already the subject of several discussions among the players, and the decision of the Australian Smash community of ban the wrestler from competitive tournaments.

The Hero, in fact, has a set of skills and moves that reflect the random aspects of the RPG from which it comes, something that also affects its mechanics with regards to critical hits, which gives the possibility to its own smash attacks to be even more powerful. In short, the gameplay of the character has too many unpredictable elements, and that does not depend on the skill of the user.

Hence the reason for the aforementioned Australian community decision, which prohibited the use of the character from export competitions.

“After several discussions, we concluded that the Hero’s character is extremely subject to random mechanics, to the point that it does not make it usable in a competitive environment. We want to emphasize that this ban is not because it is too strong, but because it is anti-competitive. We believe that tournaments are made to give players an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and that, as a general rule, players who are more skilled should be winners. The Hero’s gameplay has the potential to keep it from happening, and it is not right for those who are committed to improving their tournament skills “.

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What do you think of the situation?