The Last of Us: Is Joel a “Villain” or a “Hero”? the Interpreter Troy Baker Talks About It

The Last of Us Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary: ​​Naughty Dog Thanks the Fans

The second chapter of The Last of Us, acclaimed production by the Naughty Dog team and acclaimed by critics and audiences, is currently being developed at software house studios.

Despite the reserve and the mystery surrounding the production, sporadically some interesting details emerge on The Last of Us Part II. In particular, Troy Baker, interpreter of the character of Joel, has released some interesting statements during an interview granted at Manchester Comic-Con, during which he discussed the development of The Last of Us 2, emphasizing the passion that the authors are putting into the project.

Now, however, interesting considerations emerge made by the actor on the psychology of the character he interpreted. Referring to the first The Last of Us, Troy Baker discussed Joel and his being or not a “hero” or a “villain”. Rejecting a binary approach, the actor has painted a more complex picture: “In The Last Of Us, you assume that Joel is the hero and David is the villain, but … everyone is the hero of his own story. I firmly believe that David is convinced that he is doing what is best for his people and he is the hero of his story”. Focusing on Joel, he then stated, “I don’t think Joel believes he is a hero. If he should lean towards something,, which is why it can claim to have been on both fronts.  Waiting to find out more about the sequel, perhaps at a loud State of Play, what do you think, what’s your point of view?