The Remastered by Ducktales Returns to the Podium of the Emeaa Sales Charts

The Ducktales Remastered

“Stories of ducks, but what beautiful ducks!” reads the initials of Ducktales. And in fact, it is a beautiful story that we are about to tell you about, featuring Ducktales’ own remastered, a title originally released on NES in 1989 and remastered in 2013 by WayForward.

In recent days we have told you that the game was going to be removed from digital stores due to the expiration of the licenses, so the Ducktales remastered was discounted almost everywhere by 75%. For many players, it must have been the right opportunity to get their hands on the videogame, and since it would soon be no longer available, they evidently bought the game en masse.

Because the title of WayForward in the last week has become the protagonist of a leap of memorable ones, passing from the 1.191 position in the EMEAA standings, to the third place of the global chart, and even in second place of the one that takes into consideration only digital downloads, where instead it was at the 70th position.

The first place would have been even more memorable, but the song of the swan (oh, always with feathered beak it is!) Of Uncle Scrooge & Co. failed in the enterprise to undermine the Rockstar title from the first position.

Have you also contributed to the extraordinary result of Ducktales?