Borderlands 3: A New Trailer Shows Us the Weapons From the Endless VOC Loaders

borderlands 3

Gearbox continues to tease Borderlands 3 fans with short trailers focusing on various arms manufacturers and, this time, the COV brand is the protagonist.

In the video, we can in fact see in action the Moarr Ded On Splainer, a very interesting weapon like all those belonging to the brand since their peculiarity consists in having an unlimited loader. When holding a VOC-shaped nozzle you will not have to worry about the amount of ammunition but only the temperature of the weapon. As you can imagine, in fact, it will not be possible to shoot without stopping and from time to time you may have to take a break due to the overheating of your rifle.

Before leaving you to the trailer, we remind you that Borderlands 3 will arrive on the shelves of all stores starting from next September 13, 2019, on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (exclusively on the Epic Games Store). Recently the weight of Borderlands 3 has been revealed, which cannot in any way be downloaded in advance compared to the exit from PC players.

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