Apex Legends: Respawn Rethinks and Modifies the IRON Crown Microtransactions


With the arrival of the limited-time Corona di Ferro event in Apex Legends, numerous controversies came over the microtransaction system, which in effect forced users to pay a considerable amount of money even just to find a single skin.

The only way to obtain the 24 objects of the exclusive set was to buy as many loot boxes, within which there is no possibility of finding duplicates. However, it seems that Respawn Entertainment has realized that it made a mistake and, in the last few hours, producer Drew McCoy has announced with a long post on the official website that in the next few days all the costumes of the event will be rolling around in the game store. Players interested solely and exclusively in the skin of their favorite hero can then simply buy 1,800 Apex Coin(the equivalent of 18 euros) to grab the object of one’s desires. To find out which skins and camouflages will arrive in the store soon you can take a look at the calendar in the image at the bottom of the news.

This is not the best solution since the only free contents are 2 loot boxes with random content that can be achieved by completing the challenges, but it is already a step forward. However, it seems that, according to the developers’ words, the next event will provide players with more means to obtain exclusive items.

Did you know that some players are cheating in the Apex Legends the only mode by forming small groups? We also remind you that a double XP weekend has started on Apex Legends, very useful to gain some extra level of the Battle Pass.