Apex Legends: There Are Those Who Cheat in the Solo Mode of the Iron Crown Event

Apex Legends Iron Crown

As you surely know, for some days now Apex Legends has been updated with the Corona di Ferro timed event, which introduces among the various novelties also a modality for single players.

But it seems that someone is playing this mode in a not exactly correct way and, in some way, users are organizing themselves into teams to get the better of their opponents. Many players of the battle royale branded Respawn Entertainment have been eliminated by small groups of enemies who all used the same hero and the same skin. The most likely hypothesis is that these small teams are starting matchmaking at the same time and have some sort of method to communicate in the game so as to find out right away if those facing each other are part of the group.

It is unlikely that developers can solve the problem by the end of the event, but it cannot be ruled out that anyone caught having similar attitudes can be banned. The only hope is that the development team can solve the problem before the only mode becomes permanent since the eventual success of the event could lead to such a decision.

Before leaving you with a video showing one of these situations, we remind you that Octane’s new Twitch Prime package has been available for just a few hours and that the data miner has recently discovered new clues to the possible next Apex Legends hero, Blackout.