Breath of the Wild Is the Best-Selling Zelda Ever in the USA

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Arrived on the shelves at the launch of Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild immediately made many players fall in love. This success is also evidenced by sales since the game currently appears to be the best selling in the entire series on American territory.

To announce it on Twitter was the good Matt Piscatella, American analyst of the NPD Group who usually publishes interesting information on the sales figures of video games most appreciated by users. In the ranking of the most sold The Legend of Zelda we find then Breath of the Wild in first place followed by Twilight’s Princess, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Link’s Crossbow Training. In addition to the popularity of the game, which has had the advantage of being the most interesting of those available on the Nintendo hybrid console for a short time, there is also to consider its arrival on multiple platforms (Switch and WiiU), which inevitably has given a boost to sales.

On the other hand, the presence of Link’s Crossbow Training in the fifth position of the Wii emphasizes the spread of wildfire, a title that is not brilliant but managed to sell much more than other more or less known chapters such as Wind Waker and Link’s Awakening.

I wonder if the arrival of the mysterious Breath of the Wild 2, announced with a short trailer at E3 2019, will succeed in breaking the balance and snatching from its predecessor the top spot in the standings.

Did you know that thanks to a Breath of the Wild glitch it is possible to swim and fly with Sidon anywhere? Some players have instead managed to get endless Korogu Seeds by exploiting a Nintendo title bug.