Call of Duty: Before COD 4, Infinity Ward Was Developing a “Halo Killer”!

Call of Duty

Discussing the past of the Call of Duty series and its future represented by the new Modern Warfare, Geoff Smith of Infinity Ward revealed an interesting anecdote regarding the development phase of the original COD 4.

From the pages of Game Informer, Infinity Ward’s Lead Multiplayer Designer explained that in the delicate development period of Call of Duty 4, the leaders of Activision’s US subsidiary were firmly intent on counteracting the Halo series with the creation of a new intellectual property that it would take the form of a sci-fi shooter.

In recalling that period, Smith reveals that “all my friends were playing Halo and I really couldn’t convince them to play COD 2. It was a very difficult challenge to get them to leave the role of an astronaut armed with hyper-technological rifles and get them to wear the clothes of a guy who in their eyes would have looked like one with a wooden gun and a pot on his head”.

For this reason, according to the author of Infinity Ward, before Activision gave the green light to work on COD 4, the team was busy creating two different types of shooters , namely one with a historical setting and focused on the battles of the Second World War and the other, the one defined by the authors themselves as “Halo Killer”, set in a science-fiction context .

“We didn’t know if we could make a modern shooter or not, ” art director Joel Emslie confirms from the columns of GIs that “there was a time when we really wanted to defeat Halo by creating a sort of ‘Halo Killer'”.

Who knows what welcome this project would have had if it had been completed and, above all, what changes it would have brought about in the evolution of the COD and Halo series. In leaving to you any further comment or judgment, we remind you that Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the new Infinity Ward signature chapter of this iconic shooter saga, will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 25th. To immerse ourselves in the Halo Infinite sci-fi universe on Xbox One and Scarlett, instead, we will have to wait until the end of 2020.